Sound in Mind (SiM) is an organization dedicated to nurturing the mental health and well-being of musicians and promoting sound exploration as a medium of mindful expression.

"It's never too late to tune into your sound in mind."

We envision a world where musicians feel at peace to freely create, inspire, and learn from one another. SiM is intended to be a safe space where all are welcome and encouraged to participate in mindfulness activities and discussions that combine topics of mental health, musician's wellness, and sound exploration.

Three Branches of Sound in Mind


The Mind branch represents the physiological aspects of music performance and everyday life as a busy musician. Here, we explore mindfulness activities for boosting emotional wellness and creative inspiration.


Within the Body branch, we discuss the importance of physical health through body awareness, breathing exercises for relaxation, and the benefits of yoga for musicians. 

Sonic Expression

Through accessible sound synthesis and recording techniques, we encourage musicians to look inwards and explore the sounds that bring them inner peace, happiness, and hope.


Chloe Upshaw is devoted to her multifarious career as a teacher, collaborator, composer, and performing artist.  Chloe received her B.M. in music performance at the University of Puget Sound, studying with Karla Flygare, She received her M.M in flute performance at the University of Tennesse, Knoxville, where she studied with Dr. Maria Castillo and held the position of a graduate teaching assistant. Chloe played in the UTK electroacoustic ensemble and studied sound synthesis with Dr. Jorge Variego.

As a musician and visual artist, Chloe is eager to share her knowledge and passions with others, exposing them to new music, creative inspiration, and open-mindedness.